If you are approaching retirement, or just dreaming about the day you can leave the commute behind and start enjoying having more free time, it’s important to understand the advantages of buying your forever home before retirement.

While many adults would like to stay in their current homes through retirement, that may not be the most practical approach for everyone. Mobility and accessibility concerns as well as the cost and effort of remodeling and maintaining an older home and property are compelling reasons to consider buying or building a forever home. Buying a newly built home designed for aging in place in an active community with modern amenities is a compelling choice for many older adults.


Advantages of Buying Your Forever Home Before Retirement


Financial Stability

Having a steady income before retirement has advantages when navigating the financial aspects of purchasing a new home, including qualifying for a mortgage should you need one. It offers the flexibility to manage unexpected expenses and facilitates a smoother transition into your new home. Additionally, it allows for the accumulation of equity, which could be beneficial for future financial planning and stability.


Maintenance Considerations

Buying a home in a well-maintained community where yard maintenance and snow removal are provided through the HOA often alleviates the burden of cumbersome and costly maintenance tasks.

Investing in a new construction home where everything is brand new and potentially covered by a builder’s warranty can mitigate future stresses related to upkeep, aligning with potential changes in income and physical ability.


Anticipating Mobility & Accessibility Concerns

Investing in a home in a patio home community that caters to the evolving needs of retirees is crucial for your forever home. Minimizing the challenges associated with mobility through zero-entry doorways and single-level designs without stairs will be more accommodating in the later stages of life.

Accessibility features such as wide hallways and doorways and an open floor plan design allow those with mobility issues easy access to any part of the home and lower the physical effort required for living.


Fostering Social Connections

A supportive and vibrant community is a pillar of a fulfilling retirement. Buying a home in a location that encourages social engagement through community groups, recreational facilities, or proximity to friends and family can significantly enhance your quality of life.

Articles from Harvard Health Publishing and Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center point out that seniors with more social interaction have a lower chance of cognitive decline compared to those who are less social. Buying your forever home before retirement enables you more time to cultivate these essential connections and familiarize yourself with your new community, fostering a sense of belonging and support.


More Time to Find the Perfect Situation

Everyone is different so you will need to find the approach that works best for your lifestyle when deciding where to live when you retire. Some people may be fine with waiting until they retire to sell their old home and buy a new one. While others want to have the time to make sure they are going to be happy in their new location before making such an important commitment.

Having the time to explore a new area or just familiarize yourself with a new neighborhood in your current location could make all the difference between feeling isolated and unhappy or living your best life when you retire. If you decide to build a new home in a patio community, you will have plenty of time to plan for your move and sell your current home while your house is being built.



Scarmazzi Homes

Scarmazzi Homes builds luxury patio home communities throughout the Pittsburgh region. We offer floor plans from 1,500 to over 3,000 square feet with 2-4 bedrooms and many of our communities include resort style amenities.

Other advantages of buying a Scarmazzi Home are that all of our communities include landscaping and snow removal covered by HOA fees. Imagine having the time to enjoy doing what you love like visiting friends and family or playing pickleball at the local court instead of spending your spare time doing yard work.

Contact us to learn more about the advantages of buying your forever home before retirement and everything that Scarmazzi Homes has to offer. Discover the benefits of living in a Scarmazzi Homes community and how the low-maintenance lifestyle can give you more time to enjoy life!