Finding the perfect home for entertaining may be difficult for those looking to downsize. Many retirees decide their old home and huge yard are too much to maintain through retirement and want to find a new home. Open floorplan concepts have become increasingly popular in home design trends for good reason. By not dividing the main living areas with walls, the resulting space is larger and more versatile. And of course, the open floorplan design makes entertaining easier!

How An Open Floorplan Design Makes Entertaining Easier

Easier Communication

Have you ever been to a dinner party at a house with walls dividing the kitchen, living room and dining room? Whatever room you’re in, you feel disconnected from everyone in the other rooms. This is especially frustrating if you’re hosting the party and stuck in the kitchen a lot of the time. With an open floorplan, you don’t feel disconnected from your guests and can easily move from one area to another, making the whole experience much more enjoyable for everyone.

Better Traffic Flow

If you are entertaining a large group of people in your home, you will need to bring in food, supplies and equipment for the gathering. Not having to navigate an obstacle course of interior doorways, hallways and tight spaces makes the whole process much easier and safer. The same is true for cleaning up after the gathering.

When the weather is nice, most gatherings end up spreading out to a deck or patio. With an open floorplan, everyone inside the kitchen, living and dining areas still feel connected to those outside the home and traffic flow between the indoor and outdoor areas is easy.

Feeling Connected

Even if you’re only having a small gathering of friends and family, having the kitchen open to the main living area makes everyone feel included. Anyone in the kitchen can still be involved in the conversation, hear the music or watch a movie on the large-screen TV in the living room without missing anything or feeling left out.

If there are children or toddlers in your home during a dinner party or other event, it’s easy to get distracted and lose track of them. If the main living area of your home is divided up by walls it can be stressful to try and keep track of the kids. With an open floorplan, you can easily see and communicate with children and keep a close eye on any toddlers to make sure they are safe.

The Kitchen Is the Heart of The Home

While an open floorplan design makes entertaining easier, it also makes family life better too! With an open floorplan, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home. A kitchen island with seating allows everyone to feel connected while not getting in the way of someone preparing food or cleaning up in the kitchen.

When entertaining, the open floorplan kitchen island is the perfect gathering spot for fun conversation, hors d’oeuvres and easy access to the rest of the living area and outdoors.

Scarmazzi Homes

Scarmazzi Homes offers single-level living with luxury patio home open floorplan designs in several Pittsburgh area communities. Our patio homes are designed so that your home wraps around a large courtyard. You can see your beautiful garden oasis from all the rooms in the main living area of your home. The open layout includes a large gourmet kitchen with chef’s island in the center of the home that opens to the courtyard making it the perfect home for entertaining.

Contact us to find out about low-maintenance living, resort-style amenities, and all the benefits we offer.