The Versatility of a Bonus Suite

A bonus suite provides a multi-purpose area in your home that can be used to best suit your lifestyle. The versatility of a bonus suite is endless. One of the great aspects of true flex-space is that it can easily be repurposed as your needs or preferences change.


A bonus suite generally includes a full bedroom, full bathroom, storage closets, and could also include a wet bar or kitchenette. It is often built over the garage in a house that has a steep roof pitch to allow for living space to be built.

Popular Bonus Suite Purposes


  • Guest Suite

    Having a guest suite dedicated to overnight or short-stay visitors allows you to dedicate one of the secondary bedrooms in your home as an office or other purposes as needed. Multiple guest rooms may come in handy during the holidays if you host several out of town overnight visitors. A guest suite is a convenient amenity that allows homeowners to accommodate guests without having to compromise their privacy.



  • Home Office

    If you need more privacy and room for your home office than allowed by a secondary bedroom, den, or other shared living space, a bonus suite is the perfect solution. Having a large dedicated private room with plenty of storage helps you stay organized and productive while working.


  • Movie/Game Room

    Movies and gaming can add a lot of noise and clutter to your living room. Having a dedicated movie and/or game room will keep your living area clean, organized, and quiet. It’s also a better experience for those watching movies or gaming as it’s easier to control lighting and sound.


  • Library

    While not as common as it used to be, having a home library with wall-to-wall bookshelves and cabinets creates a private oasis for avid reader. With comfortable furniture and good natural light, it can also be the perfect place for puzzles.


  • Hobby Studio

    Converting your bonus suite into a craft room, music room, or hobby studio gives you a dedicated space that can stay set up with the furniture, supplies, or instruments you need for your craft.  That makes it easy to walk in and enjoy your hobby without having to set up each time. It also keeps the rest of the house clean and free of clutter.


  • Workout Room

    A bonus suite is a perfect size for a home gym or workout room. It’s large enough so you don’t have to squeeze your stationary bike or treadmill into a spare bedroom or living area. You also have plenty of room for free weights and a workout mat. Add a sound system with a TV, mini fridge, and snack bar and you have the perfect home gym!


  • Meditation Space

    If you prefer a quiet space for meditation and yoga instead of a home gym, a bonus suite is perfect for that too! With minimal furnishings, your meditation and yoga room can be easily converted for additional uses when needed.

The Value of a Bonus Suite

Are you wondering if it’s worth the investment to add a bonus suite to your new construction home? Additional rooms and levels will add to the cost of your new home, but it will be more affordable to add during the initial home construction than a future addition. A bonus suite with a full bedroom, full bathroom, and living area adds tremendous value to your home.


A bonus suite could be right and cost effective for you if you need additional space to accommodate family members such as a new grandchild, older children moving back home, or aging parents. It is also suitable if one or more persons work from home and need a large office with plenty of storage.

Scarmazzi Homes Bonus Suites

All Scarmazzi Homes floorplans begin with two bedrooms and two bathrooms on a comfortable, yet spacious single story, built with quality materials and signature architectural details. A number of options are available to truly make it yours and accommodate for the way you currently live in your home and the space you do or don’t need in the future. That may include adding a sitting room, covered porch, or bonus suite! Many Scarmazzi Homes floorplans have the option for a second-story bonus suite which includes a full bedroom, full bathroom, living area, and large closets.  The versatility of a bonus suite allows homebuyers to personalize their homes to fit their lifestyle and get the most out of their new home.


A Scarmazzi Homes bonus suite can serve many purposes including a private area for guests or flex space, all while not infringing on the main living areas or primary bedrooms in the home. Imagine having an area in your home that can be used as an office, music room, workout room, hobby studio, movie/game room or whatever you like as your preferences and needs change. You’ll also gain additional storage which is always valuable.


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