Most people consider their pets part of the family which means once they start shopping for a new home, their pets can influence home-buying decisions when choosing which home to purchase.

With over 70% of US households owning at least one pet, many home buyers are shopping for a home that works for their pets and may not make an offer on a new home if it doesn’t meet their pet’s needs.

Pet-Friendly Homes

2021 study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) determined that 43% of pet owners in the U.S. would be willing to move to accommodate their pets. So, what are the features that make a home pet-friendly?

Pet-Friendly Interior Features

Understanding how pets can influence home-buying decisions makes it easier for sellers and real estate agents to showcase pet-friendly home features when showing a home.

A single-level home or first-floor owner’s bedroom is an important feature for many homeowners that are getting older. Not having to navigate stairs is helpful for homeowners and their pets, especially if their pets are getting older too.

Whether you’re dealing with young children, pets or both, having easy-to-clean floors makes a huge difference. Scratch-resistant laminate, vinyl and tile flooring make it much easier to keep your house clean than carpets which can trap pet hair and are difficult to keep clean.

Having a mudroom or laundy room adjacent to the garage is perfect for cleaning off muddy paws before letting your dog or cat into the house on rainy days. When it’s time for a bath, a mudroom washtub, first-floor bathtub or laundry room utility sink can make the job easier with less cleanup afterward.

Sunrooms and enclosed porches make perfect spaces for cats and dogs to enjoy a warm cozy nap or for watching the outside world.

Another important home feature for pet lovers is having plenty of storage space. A 2021 study by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) reports that people in the U.S. spent around $50 billion on pet food and treats alone, and an additional $34 billion on vet care and other products. A pet-friendly home should have storage and built-ins for pet food and treats, food and water bowls, a kitty litter pan for cats and a pet carrier or kennel inside the home.

Pet-Friendly Outdoor Spaces

One thing most pet owners agree on is that they need a private outdoor space where their pets can safely explore the outside world while at home to keep them happy and entertained. A fenced yard is often a must-have along with some room to roam. An outdoor patio is a great addition as well and can be a spot where pet parents and their fur babies can enjoy outdoor leisure time together.

Pet-Friendly Communities

Pet owners want to make sure they buy a home in a pet-friendly community that includes fenced yards, walking paths and a pet-friendly HOA.

Some home buyers even bring their dog with them when viewing homes and walk them around the neighborhood to let them get a feel for the community. Seeing other people out walking their dogs along with cats in the yards or looking out the windows is a good indication that the community is pet friendly.

Scarmazzi Homes Communities

Scarmazzi Homes communities offer beautifully crafted single-level new homes with no stairs that appeal to home buyers and their pets. Many of our floor plans include an outdoor patio and options for a sunroom and covered porch. There’s also plenty of extra storage built in making these ideal pet-friendly homes.

Your new home should be the right fit for all of your family members, whether furry, feathered or otherwise. Contact us today to find out all the benefits we offer our home buyers.  We’ll help you find the perfect new home and community for you and your beloved companions.