Have you ever wished you had a peaceful area in your home with plenty of natural light where you could sit and enjoy reading with your morning coffee or tea? An owner’s suite sitting room is a private space connected to your bedroom where you can relax, read, or use as a flex space. It also makes your bedroom feel larger and more open.

A sitting room may sound self-explanatory, but what sets it apart from a living room or den? A living room is a larger room typically used by the household to gather, entertain, and watch movies. Whereas a sitting room is intended to be a cozy, serene, and intentional space. A sitting room is a relaxing and intimate area that can be used to nap, practice yoga, meditate, or enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea.

When it’s time to furnish your sitting room, make sure the furniture is comfortable. While aesthetics are important, comfort will ensure your sitting room is fully utilized and enjoyed. Comfortable chairs, a love seat or chaise lounge, and a small table will make the space useful and inviting for peaceful, relaxing time in your favorite spot.

Scarmazzi Homes Sitting Rooms

An owner’s suite sitting room is a high-value option on a new home build for a minor additional investment. You don’t need a huge home to have a beautifully decorated and enjoyable sitting room. Even a small-scale sitting room will make any size bedroom look and feel more spacious. A Scarmazzi Homes sitting room can often also become a covered porch or extended courtyard instead. This allows homeowners to choose the structural option that works best for them and how they want to live.

Ample natural light is incorporated into Scarmazzi Homes sitting rooms with a walk-out sliding door and large windows with a view of the yard. Incorporating fresh air and natural light has been an important aspect of our home designs in collaboration with Epcon Communities. We understand your home is your haven. Picture yourself in your sitting room with open windows overlooking your lush garden. You can walk right out your sliding door to enjoy your patio and bridge indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Discover the benefits of living in a Scarmazzi Homes community and explore all your new home options, including an owner’s suite sitting room. Contact us to take the next step toward living the low-maintenance lifestyle you deserve!