While the cost of new homes has increased over the past few years, there are still plenty of great reasons buying a new home is a smart financial move. Discover the seven top reasons to buy a new home compared to a resale home.

Quality Construction

Quality of construction is the number one attribute for homebuyers when they’re ready to purchase a home. New homes today are built with state-of-the-art products, techniques, and materials that must meet the latest building codes enacted by states and localities. This equates to a better-built home that is more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and costs less to maintain.

Energy Efficiency

Most new homes include Energy Star-rated appliances that can reduce the use of electricity or gas and lower your utility bills. Houses today are constructed with energy-efficient windows and better insulation in ceilings, walls, and floors. New furnaces, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps are far more efficient than heating and air conditioning systems in most resale homes. All of that can translate into lower utility bills for the homeowner.

Homebuyers can use the HERS (The Home Energy Rating System) Index to learn more about the energy efficiency of their new home. According to the website RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network), a HERS performance score is generated by an assessment from a certified Home Energy Rater. A lower HERS number indicates a more energy efficient home.


Smart and Healthy

Building a new home offers the ability to include sophisticated wiring that may be needed for advanced home technology. “Smart” technology options allow you to automate lighting, internet-connected devices, entertainment systems, and alarm systems. Garage doors and front door locks can be controlled remotely through your mobile devices, and you can even adjust the thermostat while away from home if desired.

New homes generally offer superior indoor air quality versus older homes. Airtight and watertight building envelopes combined with fresh air ventilation that replaces stale indoor air with cleaner, outdoor air improves indoor air quality. Additionally, the use of low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint and carpet results in an overall better home environment.

New Home Warranty

One of the top reasons to buy a new home is that your appliances are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for at least one year or more. Additionally, new home builders typically provide a warranty for workmanship and materials for most components of the house for one year, including items such as siding, drywall, and paint. Some builders offer more comprehensive home warranties that cover material and defects for one year, the home’s systems, such as plumbing and electrical for two years, and cover the structure for up to 10 years.

Having a good quality home warranty provided by your home builder protects your investment and saves money over the years as you don’t need to purchase additional coverage after the first year.


Low Cost of Ownership

Newly built homes require less maintenance as everything from appliances to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems and fixtures as well as roofing, siding windows and doors are brand new. This means you can more accurately predict monthly homeownership costs. If something does break or go wrong, your home warranty may help protect you financially.

With fewer unexpected issues, you will have more time and money to enjoy your time. You can also travel without worrying about having to deal with an unexpected and possibly expensive problem when you return.

Designed For the Way We Live Today

Homes designed decades ago met the needs of buyers at that time, but times and tastes change, of course. And today, homebuyers typically prefer open floorplans. Even the smallest new home typically has a private owner’s bath along with a full bath shared by other bedrooms. And some new homes even offer a private bath for each bedroom. Outdoor living areas such as courtyards, patios, and decks have become integral parts of many new homes.

Another of the top reasons to buy a new home is that you don’t need to settle for the style or tastes of others. When you buy a new home, you can choose the floor plan that meets your needs – and you can often customize the layout or features to further personalize the space and make it your own.

New Community Amenities

When you buy a new home, depending on the builder and community, you are also buying into a lifestyle that may include resort-style amenities. Professionally crafted communities often come with a pool and clubhouse with a fully equipped fitness center as well as walking trails, pickleball courts, and more. There may be a social calendar that includes events and gatherings that will give you a satisfying sense of belonging to an exciting community.

It’s important to find out as much as you can about a community’s amenities and programs to make sure it meets your needs. While the HOA fees may be higher in a master-planned community, the benefits of the resort-style amenities and social gatherings make it well worth it.

More Information

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