Trends are cyclical. Fashion choices that were popular decades ago come back around. Even music and movies often have a resurgence for a new generation. These types of trends extend to every type of taste and product, including homes. The growth in popularity for single level homes is primarily driven by baby boomers. This age group is frequently in the market for a manageably sized home, usually after retirement. Even if you don’t fall into this demographic, single level living homes offer invaluable benefits to homebuyers of all ages, including accessibility, safety, and maintenance.

Accessibility and Safety

A single level home reduces the risk of accidents. Stairs can be dangerous, particularly for older homeowners but also for children and pets. Single level homes eliminate hassle and the potential dangers of moving up and down flights of stairs. It’s a great option if you have aging parents or if you plan to retire in the home yourself.

A primary bedroom suite on the second floor or having to navigate steps may not work for aging adults. If you purchased your current home while you still had children living at the house who are now on their own, it may be time to “rightsize” for retirement and find a community that better serves your wants and needs. Single story homes are also easier to evacuate in the event of emergency.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning a single level home is drastically easier than a two-story home. Many retirees enjoy taking care of their homes, but age and physical limitations can get in the way. Not being able to properly clean and care for their homes can lead older homeowners to feel less confident and capable, which is why a single story home may be a smart choice. All cleaning supplies and the laundry room are on the same floor, so there’s no need to run up and down floors carrying laundry, vacuums, or cleaning supplies. The same rings true for outside your home. Maintaining the exterior of a single level home is much safer and easier when compared to a taller house—windows, gutters, and siding are all on one level.

Increased Energy Efficiency

More floors mean more space to heat and cool! Keeping everything on one level generally reduces utility costs associated with air conditioning and heating. With just one floor to heat or cool, single story homes are more cost and energy efficient.

In addition to meeting current residential construction codes, new home builds often provide peace of mind on the quality of your home. New home builds often use premium house wrap to reduce air infiltration and heat loss, hardwire smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with a battery backup and offer limited workmanship and structural warranties.

Easier Living

Single level living does not always mean less space. Rather, it emphases the practical, usable space in a home that allows you to live a simplified life. Since there’s no need for a staircase to take you from the living room to bedroom, more space can be freed up in a single story home. Open floor plans continue to be the most sought after design in homes. An open flow between the most used areas of your home – the kitchen, dining area, and living room – creates a feeling of connection. This holds true whether you are hosting a party or preparing a meal for your family. It can be difficult to relax when others are running around on the floor above you or up and down the stairs. A home on a single level allows for quiet, peaceful living.

Single Level Living with Scarmazzi Homes

Scarmazzi Homes knows what you want and need for a happier, healthier life. Our homes are designed to support your lifestyle now and in the future, with first-floor owners suites, wide hallways, and open floor plans. Rather than losing square footage, you’ll maximize the amount of practical, usable living space in your home. We build homes that do not feel cramped or cluttered. We don’t want you to waste space on stairways and other things that reduce the total amount of useable living space in your home. In fact, single level living homes can provide even more square footage than many two story homes on the market.

It’s time to do away with the mower! Sit back and relax while your mowing, mulching, and edging is taken care of. Our HOA-maintained communities provide you peace of mind. You have the freedom to do what your heart desires, knowing that your home is well taken care of. Take advantage of the natural light that pours in from oversized windows and the added entertainment area that an included exterior courtyard provides. In a Scarmazzi Home, you’ll enjoy a view of the courtyard from most areas of the home. You’ll also feel a sense of community with time to connect with your neighbors and cultivate new friendships.

Enjoy your home for years to come!

Time and time again we hear from homeowners the health benefits of moving into a new, single level, quality-built home. Design and quality matter, not only in the layout of a home, but in the level of materials and craftsmanship. Our partners are carefully chosen with your experience in mind and are reviewed based on the quality and value they provide.

Every Scarmazzi Homes open and spacious floor plan features two bedrooms, two full baths, an oversized 2 car garage, and a den (in select models)—all on one floor! For those looking for an additional floor, Scarmazzi Homes offers options for bonus suites and basements. If you have decided a single level home in the Pittsburgh area is for you, Scarmazzi Homes focuses on offering you a home that you can enjoy for many years to come!