Author: Jessica Hunnell

Single Home Buyers Overcome Challenges

Single home buyers overcome challenges to buy homes early in life and find suitable communities and homes later in life. There is a nationwide shortage of homes below 1,400 square feet making it difficult for single first-time home buyers to find homes they can afford. Later in life, finding a home and community that supports […]

Why You’ll Love Single-Level Living

Whether you are buying your first home or your last home, there are a lot of reasons why you’ll love single-level living. Life is easier and safer in a single-level home from cleaning and maintenance to entertaining and moving between indoor and outdoor spaces. Uninterrupted Living Space One of the reasons homeowners love single-level living […]

Seven Top Reasons to Buy a New Home

While the cost of new homes has increased over the past few years, there are still plenty of great reasons buying a new home is a smart financial move. Discover the seven top reasons to buy a new home compared to a resale home. Quality Construction Quality of construction is the number one attribute for […]